Two Things you can & can’t do !!!!!

Alfie Shaw May 22, 2013 Comments Off

This is the message we put up last year after balmoral to help inform everyone about the use of our images .

Many people adhered to this for which we are very grateful. How ever there are still people who refuse to respect us and our terms and conditions.Its very simple watermark or not it is illegal to remove our images from the internet without purchasing them. If the image is good enough to promote you or your livestock then its good enough to pay for.

Can Not Do

No. 1 Do not remove our images from our site for use on Facebook or anywhere else.

No.2 Do not remove our images from any other site for use on Facebook or anywhere else.

Can Do

No.1 Anyone wishing to make a link on Facebook or their on site to our pictures can do so.

No.2 Buy an instant download for your own use.

In the past we have been quite lenient on this matter ,however  going forward anyone found breaking our terms and conditions will be subject to the cost of the image plus a fine for unauthorised use.


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